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The property has been in our family since 1955, when Jim Coccia, the father of the current owners, bought it with fellow members of the Rome Hunting Club. Jim purchased the camp from the Rome Hunting Club in 1968 and passed it on to his children in 1991. The “Coccia” part of “Coccia Pines” is in recognition of our gratitude for his foresight.

The “Pines” part of "Coccia Pines” comes from the three huge White Pine trees that surround the Lakefront Cabin, one of which is almost 300 years old (yes, one day we did go out with a biology book, a tape measure, and our almost forgotten geometry lessons and figured out the ages of the trees!), obviously here when the camp was built in 1918, by Lewis Ferguson and his brother, both from Brooklyn.

Right on the water, the Lakefront Cabin was built as the main camp of the property, and just 40 feet from the water, the Lakeview Cabin was built as a home for the year-round caretakers. If you look at the camp from the water, it is easy to see what a wonderful job the architect did designing the house for this particular plot of land and in building the Lakefront Cabin between our incredible White Pines.

We feel very fortunate to be able to share this unique camp with our family, friends, and guests. We're sure you will agree, it is a very special place.

Did You Know? The Adirondack Region is one of the most diverse destinations on the East Coast, offering unparalleled outdoor recreation throughout its dazzling lakes, wild mountains, and charming towns and villages. The term "vacation" is said to have originated in the Adirondacks. Wealthy New Yorkers would "vacate" the city during the sticky summer months and head for the cool northern woods.